"Big Bucks" We live in a society where money rules everything.... We have to realize what really makes us happy and brings joy to our lives. We have to not let money get in the way of us living. We have to be able to hold our pride while we work. Life isn't all about money...yet Society has made life all about money. But, without us money doesn't exist and now with pur society without money we don't exist either. We have to learn to work smarter not harder. We have to learn to do things that make us happy not miserable just to be able to pay our bills. We can change these things we just have to work together. We have to open our eyes and get out of societies mouse trap. Life isnt a maze just to make others rich you...have to find a way for you to be happy, support yourself, and not lose your pride and your life Fuck the bullshit of society and what others tell you you have to do make your own path. Put yourself on that path and get off of theirs. It's your choice what you do.. I'll do what I have to do as you're doing what you have to do, but you have options and this is just a suggestion. But make sure to ask yourself every day are you happy doing what you're doing to make money? This is an Original 8" x 10" Acrylic on Canvas DM for Pricing

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