"A Different Perspective" Ever had an argument with someone...? I have. Ever been blamed for something or blamed someone for something...? I have. But at the same time you have to take a second and realize there are 2 sides to the argument or blame. We are always quick to place blame and start fighting with others but we need to take a minute to place ourselves in the other person shoes, and see things from their side. The different perspective, and a view from a different side. In a fight or argument there are 2 sides, we need to be able to hear and see both sides and understand that there is a reason for all. before fighting and blaming you might get a different perspective if you have the knowledge and whole story. For an example let's say you are out at a restaurant for a meal. The server comes and they seem very rude and just kind of checked out. We would immediately become upset and pissed..but what if that server has just lost someone close to them or something else has happened in their life. It isn't an excuse but a different view of what is happening, the other aid of the story makes it completely different then 1st thought. It won't make up for being rude but does help to understand why it is happening. We need to learn in our everyday interactions to put yourself in others shoes and walk a mile in them. We just might get "The Different Perspective" we need to be able to understand others and the whole story. This Piece is an Original 8" x 10" Acrylic on Canvas. DM for Pricing

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