""Hard Times" In this world we live in not all things come easy. There are times you will find yourself on hard times or witness others suffering from hard times. It isn't easy making it in a world that revolves around money bills taxes and the success of the untalented. The Government will turn it's face while holding its hand out. The Government doesn't care if you eat as long as they get paid. The Government doesn't care if your children have a roof over their head. The Government in general doesn't care creating "Hard Times" for those governed by the Government. This represents my view of hard times and I cry for it because I have suffered from hard times myself. Fuck Government and the Bullshit it represents while not helping those who need the help and give the representatives huge bonuses and raises while our children go hungry. This Piece is an Original 14" x 18" Acrylic on Canvas created in 2016. 🌟🌟DM for Pricing🌟🌟

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