"I Stand Alone" In a world where we try to get as much attention as we possibly can sometimes you need to stand alone. We have fans and we have haters but we need to choose who we keep around and who we let go. It's not good to keep those around who are negative and are bringing us down and it's good to keep those who push us to achieve our best around. It's also a good thing to put yourself on a pedestal but not for too long after you achieve something, you deserve that you earned it. But just remember being on that pedestal for too long will turn your fans into haters. So I ask you... what do you see in this piece??? I see two versions, The First One being that you need to get rid of those around you who are bringing you down. The second version is that it's okay to put yourself on a pedestal after you've achieved something, just don't stay on that pedestal for too don't want to force yourself to stand alone because everybody else left you. This is an Original 11" x 14" Acrylic on Canvas Board. DM for Pricing

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