Our Story

    Spread Love With Art Inc. is a Company & Trademarked Brand created by Artist: Parker Beaudoin, along with his Father and Fiance'.

    Spread Love With Art was created as a way to help spread love and happiness around the world with art. Parker is an award winning & published Artist & Tattooist and has numerous businesses under his belt. 

     With this new company Spread Love With Art the purpose is to take the negative in this world of which we see and are around everyday and change it to become positive.

    With a customized branded logo of a symbol known and recognized world wide, it will bring the possibility for everyone who sees it to be able to have something to smile about,to be happy about, and spread this love and happiness to those around them. 

    If art can make one person smile or bring a happy moment to someone, then the goal is achieved. Hopefully they will continue to hold that happiness and spread it to those that they encounter & come in contact with, thus spreading love with art. If one person can start something good and bring love and happiness to others then it will spread to others and eventually the whole world making not only our lives better, but all of us in a whole.

a little about the artist

   Born in West Palm Beach, Florida in 1985, Parker Beaudoin is an artist that has been surrounded by art from the first time he was able to hold a crayon. Parker has spent the last 18 years of his life learning and living as a tattoo artist. As a successful Tattooist, his accomplishments array from being a World Record holder for tattooing the world's smallest tattoo of a painting, to winning a copious amount of awards for his work. Parker has also been a featured artist and had his work published in a very large amount of national and international magazines and publications. From tattooing to now devoting his career to being a full time artist, Parker became the founder and co-owner of Spread Love With Art, Inc., a trademarked brand and company created to make art affordable and available to everyone. Parker has developed his own genre of art called “Neo-Popism.” With this style he has won numerous awards, has been published nationally and internationally, and his work has been in a multitude of exhibitions.

   Parker's work has been accepted by the Mayor and city of West Palm Beach, Florida, as well as the VA Hospital of West Palm Beach, Florida, and are on permanent display. He has also become a Brand Ambassador with Plaid Enterprises, Inc.

   Currently, Parker is working on his latest project, a world movement known as “The Red People,” whose main purpose is to change the world by spreading love and happiness while bringing people together. This movement has become international and continues to grow every day.

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