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Spread Love With Art, Inc.

Our goal is to touch as many people as possible with the Artworks created, while also giving everyone a lasting Perspective and Emotional experience.


Working together as Successful Business Owners, we have had the Wonderful opportunity to develop a vast following from all over the World.


Independent Artist -Wingnut- has won many awards for his work, holds a World Record in Tattooing, and has been pushing the limitations of his creation "The Red People" to Continue Growing Worldwide.

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The Tattooist turned
Contemporary Controversial Artist

    -Wingnut- has been an artist his Whole life, as many Artists have. But unlike others, -Wingnut- has spent 23 years in the Tattoo Industry. While on this Art Path, -Wingnut- left his Mark picking up a World Record for Smallest Tattoo of a Painting and many other Awards & Publications during his Tattoo Artist career.

   -Wingnut- has put down his Tattoo Machines for Brushes, turned to Paint instead of Tattoo Inks, and Canvases instead of Skin. Once again he has been making his mark, now with Controversial Paintings.

   -Wingnut-'s Creation, “The Red People,” have taken the World by Surprise. They are a Universal and Gentler way of showing Awareness to Our Over-looked Realities, both Good and Bad.

   Using Acrylics, -Wingnut- grabs a Psychological Perspective by seeing how people view his Artwork. Emotions and Outlooks will be challenged by how you relate to the Paintings.

   As Long as there's a Blank Canvas, -Wingnut- will Keep Bringing Awareness and Grabbing Attention.

Keep Watch for What's Coming Next...

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